Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Gal on the Blog Bandwagon?

I have been toying with the idea of blogging since my son was born (Spring 2008).  But, I was busy.  I made excuses.  I ran from the "writer" within.

Even now as I write, the excuses are still ringing in my noggin (some might tease because there's not much else up there).  Is there room in the universe for one more blogger, much less me?  My decor, outfit, transportation, hair, makeup, and housekeeping are often NOT savvy or chic.  Can I really even START to think I could be a resource to which others might turn? But, I have a few shining moments, something to strive toward.  That's why Miss Savvy Chic is you, the reader.  Whether or not anyone ever reads or comments, I am a smidge more fulfilled (thank you, Lord, for a blessed life).  Can't wait to find out what great info is being grappled by other women, too.  You inspire me.

No ma'am, won't be lead by a spirit of fear.  Just happy butterflies in the gut. Blessings!

Testing...Testing...1 2 3

Excited to try this out.  This is from my computer.