Friday, April 20, 2012

Pinterest Organization

Pinned Image

Are you tired of the "p" word yet?  Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest.  Well, I can't get away from it, that's for sure.

But, going back to the title...  Pinterest has a bazillion ideas about organizing, and my organization board is one of my favorites.  However, what I mean by organization is getting purposeful about using Pinterest to simplify your life. 

As an example, four years ago I fell in love with this bedroom from a Southern Living (issue April 2008).  So, I clipped it, put it in a sheet cover, and filed it in a binder, as I was in the habit of doing.  But, now I have pinned it (and many other previously clipped ideas) and thrown the paper out.

Another thought... I found recently that I didn't have time to go to the gym.  So, I pin workouts that I can do when it's convenient.  It's saving me time and money.

I love magazines.  Actual print will likely always be a draw for me.  However, I am less tempted to stock up on them, knowing that Pinterest is available for my use, thereby saving my money.  Let's all hope Pinterest founders escape legal trouble.  Time to can Pinterest simplify your life?


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tried and True Tuesday--Sticky Situation

Seems like everyone in our neighborhood is trimming their trees back.  And (after silently wishing they wouldn't) I have a compulsion to want to curb-pick all the branches.  They're just beautiful in their own right.  I gave in to my compulsion recently and found something to do with the sticks.  Appropriate because I'm from "the sticks."  Maybe that's why nature always inspires.

I found a neat little project to try on More Design Please.  It's a top notch design blog with some fun DIY ideas. Here's what I made using many varying size twigs, an old cd, brown cardboard, a glue gun, and some fishing line.

The concept of the project is very easy.  Cover the cd with something brown, and glue a bunch of sticks to it.  It was easy but suprisingly time consuming, taking a couple of hours to complete.  But maybe that's just me, calculating the stick's sizes and arrangement too much.

When the wreath was finished, I loved the result.  Here, I used fishing line to hang it in front of a mirror.  But, I think it would look even better as a grouping of three.  Hoping I'll eventually have time to make a set.