Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Second Best Way to Spend a Dollar

Preface:  Admittedly, this post is going to provide as evidence to my attention deficiency.

So, the best way to spend a dollar is to give it away (fond of www.guyana-missions.org).  On to my topic du jour, though.  And, I hate to give away free advertising, but I couldn't keep this little jewel to myself, found at the Dollar Tree:

Is this the healthiest munchy out there?  No, but let me be clear.  Unless my life depends on it (in the immediate sense, not the "this stuff will slowly kill you over several years" way), I will NOT remove all refined sugar from my diet.  The somewhat health conscious can get excited that this stuff is tasty and only $1!  Try it, and let me know what you think.

Have you tried the oatmeal from the world's most popular fast food chain?  It's yummy, no?  Even for people who don't do oatmeal.  Here's an attempt at trying to make it a bit healthier from home:
It's a combo of prepared plain instant oatmeal, apple sauce, a heap of cinnamon, honey, apple bits, and raisins.  Blog post coming soon:  "How To Refinish a Hideous Tile Tabletop."  Blessings!

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