Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tried and True Tuesday--Sticky Situation

Seems like everyone in our neighborhood is trimming their trees back.  And (after silently wishing they wouldn't) I have a compulsion to want to curb-pick all the branches.  They're just beautiful in their own right.  I gave in to my compulsion recently and found something to do with the sticks.  Appropriate because I'm from "the sticks."  Maybe that's why nature always inspires.

I found a neat little project to try on More Design Please.  It's a top notch design blog with some fun DIY ideas. Here's what I made using many varying size twigs, an old cd, brown cardboard, a glue gun, and some fishing line.

The concept of the project is very easy.  Cover the cd with something brown, and glue a bunch of sticks to it.  It was easy but suprisingly time consuming, taking a couple of hours to complete.  But maybe that's just me, calculating the stick's sizes and arrangement too much.

When the wreath was finished, I loved the result.  Here, I used fishing line to hang it in front of a mirror.  But, I think it would look even better as a grouping of three.  Hoping I'll eventually have time to make a set.


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