Thursday, November 3, 2011

Team Fashion

Hey, Savvy Chic sports fans, what do you wear to big game events? You don't have to wear official logos to get in the spirit. Consider what you already have (which feature your team's colors) that may be stunning.

For those living in colder climates, your choices must center around warmth. I love to see a beanie with long hair flowing from underneath, or a muff headband with hair pulled back and cute button earrings.

For those with eccentric tastes, bring on fun jewelry like a cocktail ring. Resourcefulness is close to godliness.  I made this flower pin/barrette from materials in my craft box. Simply pinch the center as you loop petals back and forth. Sew the center like a button. Glue a gem on the front and pin or barrette on back. Wear on the lapel, the beanie, or in the hair.

Best overall look: For most climates, layering is a good idea. A pair of jeans, white button down shirt, and a sweater draped over the shoulders always looks sharp.

When bargain shopping, think a little outside the box.  Try a necklace featuring your team's initial. I picked up this "G" pendant from Guess that would work well for a Georgia, Georgetown, or Green Bay fan.
Good luck to your team (unless they're opposing mine). Blessings!

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  1. Cute "G" necklace! Looks like a UGA one to me! ;)