Thursday, November 3, 2011

Planning Presents in the Present

The holidays are almost upon us again. You, Miss Savvy Chic, are not waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to shop. We would get some good deals then, sure. But, this year, let's all resolve to not spend money or energy frivolously. Here's the plan... Grab a notebook or smartphone writing pad. TODAY decide for whom you are going to buy gifts and what your overall gift budget is (and we're writing...). Then, determine how much you will spend on each person. It's nice to know the average amount per person, and use that as a starting point for decision making.

Next, brainstorm what each person might want or need. Write it down, even if you settle on something else. Go ahead now and use that barcode scanner app on your phone for the items you'd like to purchase. When you find a deal, BUY IT NOW. Save yourself drama from the Christmas crazies, who will not think twice of fighting you over a box of matches at 3:00am.  I am one of those people who has to either become a crazy and win that battle, or avoid the battleground altogether. Usually...the latter.

Resourcefulness is next to godliness.  Don't rule out second-hand "one-person's-trash." Ok, I am NOT saying it would be chic to try to pass off a thrift store find as new. Look for items you could artistically alter to suit the recipient's taste. Maybe you find an interesting pair of candlestick holders. For your mod friend, spray paint them with a brushed steel type medium or chrome. For more cottage-y tastes, paint a color complimenting their decor and possibly distress. It's good, then, to be forthcoming about the gift's origins. It is unique and has its own story. And character. Remember that renovating and repurposing are environmentally responsible.  More to come on what's being given from our house. Blessings!

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