Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thompson Thanksgiving

This year, I am thankful to not be hosting the family Thanksgiving.  It is on my list of things to eventually conquer.  As the mom of two young kids, I have sooooo much to be thankful for.  But, so often I get overwhelmed with a capital "O" at my  inability to get things accomplished, especially tasks that used to only take minutes or seconds.  So, having a day or month to celebrate what is going right, and thanking God for it, is needed.

I made squash and green bean casseroles to contribute to the family potluck.  Then, we arrived at my in-laws for pre-dinner fun.  My mother-in-law, Angela, suprised my son, Dash, with a fun, edible project.  They made turkeys from oreos and candy.  To make your own, check this out:

Thanks to Aunt Wendy for Ivy's turkey jumper.  Cutest gobbler ever.
Moving on from the grandparents, we went to Aunt Tina and Uncle Ivan's for the big turkey dinner.  Here is some of the extended family.  Hoping someone sends me an email with the pic of the whole family.  In this pic, I like the low centerpiece, so we could see and talk to each other.

We were suprised with a little birthday party ambush for Ivy by our beloved matriarch Mema.  Ivy's a couple of weeks from turning one.  It went something like this, "I brought cupcakes and gifts.  We're having a party."  So, we rolled with it.  Ivy enjoyed ALL of thanksgiving food, including the cupcake.
Even though I miss the Joneses terribly (my North Georgia family), the Thompsons had a great Thanksgiving.  And here's one more thing to be thankful for:  four people who love each other with genuine smiles and eyes open, who had a photo taken.  You other moms know what a feat this is. : )

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