Friday, November 11, 2011

You Know What's Cool?

Wow, I am sure I need a more current adjective than "cool," but I'm getting older and can't bring myself to say "sick," or whatever the young folks are throwing around these days.  Anyway, with my new love of Pinterest and continuing appreciation of blogs, it strikes me how individualized fashion and decor are becoming.  Although the major fashion houses and designers will always influence, personal style is really becoming just that...personal.  I am amazed by the amount of talent in the world, that unlike in previous times, is on display for appreciation, admiration, inspiration, and imitation.

On another note, with cold weather ensuing, it's a great time to shop your own closet for new personal style.  Spend a few minutes layering clothes that you have never before grouped.  I had fun putting this together Clearly I'm not a model, nor my husband a photographer, but you get it, right?
I hesitate to tell you how cheap, er thrifty, this look was.  I am rarely a proper label wearer.  Boots from Walmart, $20; dress from Burlington Coat Factory, $13; t-shirt from Walmart, $3; headband from (yes) Winn Dixie, 3 for $5 (give or take). $41 total.  Blessings!

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