Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When Skin Gets Tough...

...the tough, get glowing! Cold weather and the indoor heat with which we combat it, can wreak havoc on the ol' epidermis.  Here are two of my favorite tips on the topic:

For body moisture, I have become addicted to coconut oil.  Not, Hawaiian Tropic, bikini-bronzing coconut oil.  It's the organic, cold-pressed stuff that works wonders.  You're probably thinking it's weird to smell like a coconut in the middle of winter, and you'd be right.  What most of us are used to is a summer tanning oil, which has a lot of additional fragrance added.  The real thing is barely (if at all) detectable.  For fragrance junkies, you could add a few drops of essential oil or perfume.  A little oil goes a long way.  Skin looks glowing and feels great.  Coconut oil is easily absorbed and has anti-bacterial  and anti-fungal properties. I could wax poetic about the stuff all day, but don't take my word for it.  Time to try it for yourself and let me know if you agree.  Find it at local health food stores.  Side note for moms, it's great for use on mild diaper rash and won't harm cloth diapers.

Secondly, in cold weather especially, my scalp hates me.  It gets itchy, flaky, and just plain aggravating.  While pregnant, I didn't want to use products with active ingredients that might transfer to the baby.  I began a new practice of washing my hair in reverse, conditioning first.  With locks wet, I slather it all over the scalp.  Then, I go ahead and do all my other shower business.  At the end, I shampoo.  If needed you can recondition the ends a bit.  It works so well, anti-flake shampoos can't compare.  If the scalp needs a little extra TLC, before showering I rub on some coconut oil and leave for a few minutes.  Wishing all of us calm, happy skin for the months ahead.

And now, a public service announcement.  It seems that everywhere one turns these days, there is mention of "the smokey eye."  Fabulous in concept and  practice, the smokey eye is smoldering.  Usually it's done with smudged shades of gray or brown (you know, the colors of actual smoke).  But, the term smokey eye is now being thrown around for ANY eye with contouring shadow.  Pastels and brights look great when smudged as well.  Call these eyes "dazzling" or "embellished."  But they are NOT a smokey eye. Even eyes with no hint of smudge have been labeled as such!  OK, off the soap box, that is all.  Blessings!

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