Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friends' Good Hair Day

Something must be in the water or in the air or people are just taking their vitamins or drinking their V8.  Several church friends had great hair today.  Three in particular so much so that I wouldn't let them get away until I took their pic.  They looked inspired. 

Here is Steph, who always has good hair.  But, today it had extra oomph!  Love the back.
This is Heather's inventive braided updo.  Don't worry, her neck didn't get cold.  It's unusually warm here today.

And this is Amanda (Jordan), who is as beautiful as she is talented.  Her first solo album will soon be released.  Don't forget her name!

Lovely, just lovely.  Makes me happy to be growing my own locks out.  Blessings!


  1. You should have let me take a pic of your haIr too!! You always have a chic look. No matter how long or short, your style is always timeless!! We should have a hair party and share styling products and secrets!! Xoxo, Amanda

  2. Anything I know, you taught me. I'm all for a party, but I think you'd be doing most of the sharing. : ) I'm on board.