Monday, December 5, 2011

Keepin' It Together

If you can call repurposing a hobby, it would be one of mine.  I am passionate about it.  My vision for my home is that of chic, reused and repurposed items, spruced up with love.  This is at my core and don't envision that it would change with an enlarged bank account balance.  I believe stuff is just stuff.  You need some stuff to live and some to make life more convenient.  It's all God's.  He allows us, though, some freedom in life to which stuff we have.  My treasures are not laid up in stuff, but while I'm picking, I like old stuff.  Stuff with a past.

On that note, here is some old stuff and what I've done with it.  First idea was thankfully inspired from Pinterest (you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking the link at right).

This is a spice-rack-turned-nail-polish holder.  I got it from a thrift store for $2, painted it blue, and sanded the edges.  Now, I am dying to have a couple for my acrylic paints.  Here is the artist who inspired me from Pinterest:

Here is Spice Rack's new sidekick, Lazy Susan.  She holds those things you can't bear to take off the counter:  lip glosses, lotions, and makeup brushes.  Old votive holders keep q-tips and glosses.  The long-loved basket got a coat of the same paint.  It's so fun to take something with a dark finish and rag on paint in a lighter color.  Help me out if you know the technical name for this.  Here is a link to a Pinterest artist who also loves a lazy susan: .
Here, I had a spare dish drainer and needed somewhere to organize my paper goods.  This project isn't much to look at, but the two married beautifully.  Thrift stores almost always have a couple of these on hand.  I have also heard of dish drainers (probably metal ones) being used to hold children's books.  Sounds neat.

What are you crafting or organizing?  Blessings!

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  1. I just love this idea of a spice rack (since I don't cook) as a nail polish holder!