Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gifts for Guys You Can Make

This is where I get stumped every Christmas or male's birthday.  What can I possibly make for a guy (besides food) that he would appreciate?  I went on a web hunt and found Instructables, a DIY site geared toward men's interests.  Here are some fun things you could do.

First, I found an urban survival kit made from an Altoids tin!  This site also has ideas for other tin kits.
(sub)urban survival kit
What guy wouldn't like portable hot sauce?  Find instructions at

Next, a bracelet from paracord!  It could hypothetically be used in a survival situation, and it looks very manly.
Paracord bracelet with a side release buckle

For manly home sprucing, check out this faux driftwood votive.
Faux Driftwood Votive {Tutorial}

Lastly, ignore the fact that this says mother!  This is a fantastic idea (totally doing it here).  Put magnets on the back of Scrabble tiles.  You can play on the fridge or magnetic board.  I have also seen tutorials for covering cookie sheets with paper or fabric, which would make great bases.  So simple and genius!  It comes from Craftster.

Happy crafting and blessings!

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