Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Gift

The time is almost may be short on time or money, or both.  Here's an easy idea that won't break the bank.  Resourcefulness is close to godliness.  Read on, and see finished project at the end.

You'll need:
baking mix
candy canes or peppermint
an empty container
a Christmas greeting card and a bow

Shhh.....don't tell anyone.  I used regular old BOGO-from-the-store brownie mix.  I took candy canes and rolled a mason jar over to crush them.   After pulling brownies out of the oven (my favorite aromatherapy), I sprinkled them with the mint chips.  I have the notion you could sprinkle peppermint on almost any dessert (except the fruity) for a festive taste.  It would be fun on white or chocolate cupcakes.
Look for containers you have at home.  Even an old butter tub would work just fine, if you wrap the bottom with pretty paper.  I have plenty of baby formula cans like this one.  his can is versatile enough for holding other gifts, too.
I cut brownies and put them in the can.  To decorate the can, I cut the front off a Christmas card and glued it on the can.  Then, I topped the lid with a bow. 
We delivered these to our neighbors and ate a few leftovers.  If I may say so, they were so yummy.  Thanks, Betty Crocker.  Giving and sharing are fun...thank you, Jesus, for the lesson.  Blessings!

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