Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Favor of Good Skin

I'm gonna make a confession.  My face is acne-prone; combination of dry, normal and oily; and sensitive to many products.  I am elated enough about a new-to-me product that I'll endorse it here without compensation:  Clinique's Even Better Foundation.

While visiting my aunt, I used hers one morning.  It made skin look even, as the name boasts, and for me, that's a feat.  It also has illuminators, which made skin glow.  Like, expectant mom glow!

I got my own foundation and continued using it.  The sunscreen thankfully didn't make me react.  And, my skin looks more even now after I've taken it off.  That's right.  It is formulated to actually correct skin flaws.

Clearly, I'm sold.  Give it a shot.  This is me at bedtime, wearing the foundation.  No foundation (or even a decent camera, were I using one) can cover my exhaustion, but we're keepin' it real.  Side note: have brag about the new paint on the bathroom walls: a surprise from The Husband while I was away!  The best surprise!



  1. Oh my goodness!! I have been searching for the perfect foundation! I have very oily skin & it's also acne-prone. I was liking Revlon ColorStay foundation, but (this is really picky) I didn't like the bottle it came in. So I tried a couple of other foundations, and I really like Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, but it doesn't help much for the oiliness by the end of the day. So maybe I can get someone at Clinique to give me a trial size of this stuff...cause I am definitely interested! I was just thinking about doing a "skin regimen" post on my blog soon! :-)

  2. Great to hear from ya, Laura. For oiliness, I think Mary Kay's liquid foundation is also one of the best (and good price under $20). Prefer the Clinique a little more because of the illuminators. Totally agree about the Dream Matte Mousse.

  3. Hi Jenny, thank you for your visit. I actually am a huge makeup junkie :) and love Clinique. I like to rotate my makeup brands and your post reminded me of how much I need to go back to this brand :)