Friday, May 11, 2012

Shrimp Festival Fun

Saturday was kind of a bucket list sort of day.  I'd wanted to go to the Shrimp Festival at Fernandina Beach, FL for as long as I've been a Floridian--9 years now.  So happy that this year a call to my friend about going to see a bike turned into a day at the festival with her, her sister, and my daughter.  It's their family tradition, and what a fun one to have.

Here's a little glimpse into the work of my favorite featured artists there (my opinions are non-compensatory and unbiased).  I also can't forget to mention the many booths of antiques, like this one.  Their presence was especially refreshing because I'm highly unlikely to go into an antique store with my two little demolitionists in tow.

These beautiful glass fish caught my eye right away.  I love their shapes and colors.  For more info, check out artist Rich Fizer's site: .
My photos don't do justice to this artist Kasey Ortoski's use of shells, pearls, and crystals on classic, adjustable headbands.  She also creates custom pieces.  Look at A Whirl and A Twirl:

The displays in jewelry artist Nicole Wayne's booth were unlike any other.  The freely-hanging plaques caught my attention, and then so did the jewelry.  As a person who has done a good bit of dabbling in jewelry making, I'm typically a critic.  But Wayne has a gift for putting components together in such a lovely way.  See more at

So, we went for more than the food.  But, if I could take a picture of the smells, you'd want to be there in a heart beat!  It's always the first weekend of May, and hopefully the date is burned in my memory.


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