Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tried and True Tuesday...Jewelry Junkie Solutions

OK, I admit it...I would be right at home at an Accessorizers Anonymous meeting.  I found this cute idea (link below) for what to do with bangles.  So, a dear friend brought over a specialty ginger ale the other day--thanks, Steve, bet you thought you were just bringing a beverage.  These bottles were perfect for my cause, and I love the sentimental value as a bonus.

Dangle earrings are my favorites!

Earrings are hung on one of those wire cubes for building shelves.  Earrings are spaced perfectly.  I've seen more attractive ways to display earrings, but this is perfect in a pinch and could be hung on a wall also.

Below: the inspiration link.  Check out this site.  Although written in Spanish, any language speaker can find good ideas!  http://www.decoratrix.com/ordena-tu-bisuteria-en-cajas-recicladas/47459/


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