Monday, June 11, 2012

Makeover the Leftover

When you're stretchin' that dollar, eating leftovers is a big help.  But, my family resists eating leftovers in the same form they were originally cooked.  Sometimes I honestly just let them tough it out.  However, I often use the leftovers to make a new dish as well.  This is one of my family's favorites, using leftover chicken.

You'll want to start with 1/2 to 1 lb. of cubed leftover chicken and a bag of Birds Eye Steamfresh Brown Wild Rice With Broccoli and Carrots.  On the back of the bag is a recipe for delicious Asian rice.  It includes the other ingredients you'll want to have on hand, like a little butter and soy sauce.

I cook the rice according to the recipe on the back, adding in my leftover chicken.  I also cook up an additional cup or two of plain rice to stretch the meal--and my buck--a little further.

Two ingredients in their recipe really make it shine.  One is toasted sesame seeds....YUM.  You have to keep an eye on these guys, so they don't burn.  Cook them at 300 degrees for about three minutes.  Give them the attention you would give bread under a broiler.  To cut down on mess, I line my pan with foil and cooking spray.
When mixed, the dish looks like this...
But, don't forget the green onions!  They make  many a dish, this one included.  And, as a bonus, they make it more colorful and appealing.  It's even tastier than it is pretty, though.

Likely the only ingredients you wouldn't already have on hand are the Steamfresh bag (often on sale for $1!), and the green onions (about 70 cents).  It's a recipe worth trying.  Here's a link to other recipes using the same bag:  I look forward to trying those, too.


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