Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tried and True Tuesday

Welcome to my new feature, Tried and True Tuesday!!!  I have labored over what feels like forever for the right fit here.  I am finally settled on this...  I try something new and tell you the truth about it.  And, hopefully, you'll be reminded to try something new in your life, instead of just repinning on Pinterest.  You know I love that web abyss.  If it was a town, I'd move there.  Permanently.  Without regard for other towns like Email.  I'd never go on vacation.  I'd instead bring in some sand for the back yard and make myself a cute bathing suit out of dish towels and fruity drinks including cleverly disguised green veggies (all of which I learned about in Pinterest).  And that would be a blissful vacation.

As much I REALLY love pinning, sometimes I actually have to put my money where mouth is (or my pins are, or something) and DO a project/recipe/idea.

So, having found what was one of the best repurposing ideas I'd seen, I followed the directions found here for a phone charging holder.
These were gifts for my Dad and brother.  I made them using Johnson's bath product bottles, Modge Podge, scrapbook paper, and letter stickers.

This was one is for us.  I made it for The Husband, using playbill art from two of his favorite shows, Les Miserables and Wicked.  But, that makes it a little feminine.  So, really, it's ours.

And, here's the truth (with an unfortunate wah,wah,wah sound effect from Debbie Downer).  Cutting the bottles is difficult.  Using Modge Podge on this shape is difficult.  Attempting to use fabric to cover it...difficult.  I found it easier to use the heavier scrapbook paper than the glossy magazine type paper. And, I did several more layers of Modge Podge than I anticipated.  Obviously I continued moving forward until completion, but I totally counted down the seconds until it was all finished up.   Sadly I wasn't in love with the end results, either.  However, I LOVE the way the original artist's did.  And she has many other projects on her blog worth looking into.  Bottom line:  only for use by determined crafters with an afinity for Modge Podge and the utility knife.  Give the directions a look, though, and see if it's right for you.

 Despite the difficulty level of this project, I will continue to try new things and give feedback.  What projects have you been up to?  Blessings!

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