Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Holy Practicality, Batman!

Wait, don't go anywhere, this is not an outdated post!  Santa wants you to know something.  Precious few times will I ever tell you that you must buy now, and this is one of them.  If you're ever in Cracker Barrel and they have these reusable shopping bags, don't even think about passing them up.  You'll go back tomorrow and they won't be there.  The fairly versitle sunflower pattern ones you saw will be replaced with, ahem, Mr. St. Nick.  Not that the design stopped me from carrying them over the past year and a half, even in the summer.  They are a large 17"x20"x7" and fairly sturdy.  The Santa ones weren't in stock long, either.

I was super delighted recently to find a new summer design.  When you live in Florida, it works year-round.  My days of out-of-place red and green are gone until November. Pick up your own at any point you see them in the store.  Read:  BUY NOW.  So worth it.
3 bags for $5!  Three will likely hold your week's worth of groceries.  Blessings!

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