Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tried and

Sorry to be behind.  Even though I couldn't get to blogging earlier, I've been trying so many new things, I couldn't skip this feature.  Had a hard time even picking which project to report.  Love to cook and even more to eat, so a recipe wins. 
Ever heard of "Comeback Sauce?"  I hadn't.  But maybe you've eaten at southern chicken strip joints that have great dipping sauce?  Yeah, I am pretty enthusiastic about this stuff. 

Check out the recipe (and photo above) from Syrup and Biscuits blog.  You might find inspiration for other edible creations, too.
My son loved it with his chicken, his hashbrowns, and straight off his fingers.  The sauce was especially good alongside cajun-seasoned hashbrowns.  Y-U-M.  Once you make and try it, you'll know for certain why it's called Comeback Sauce.


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