Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY Booger Wipes...yes, really!

Grrr!  Colds!  Here, my darling son is showing frustration for his ailment.

If you're not yet a mom or grandma, save or pin this info somewhere.  It may come in handy.  My friend Amanda introduced me to the booger wipes you buy at the store.  They do a great job of breaking up the crusty noses that plague your little ones during a cold.  They're also a bit medicinal, for what bit of saline gets into the nose.  They're wonderful, and I love that they were invented by creative moms. I buy them to keep in the diaper bag.

The price tag is a bit of a budget buster, though.  At a local discount store, a package of 30 costs $4.38...!!!  I gave a lot of thought to how I might be able to create similar results at home.  So, I adapted this recipe for saline nose drops to create a formula for wipes anyone could make.  Disclaimer:  this is not quite as simple as pulling out a pack of wipes, which is why I recommend them for home use.

2 cups of warm water
1 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of baby oil

Mix the warm water and salt together until the salt dissolves.  Add in the baby oil and shake to mix.  You will need to shake/stir the mixture before each use as well.  Store mixture in the refrigerator.  And now to answer a few questions you may have...

Why do I need to store it in the refrigerator?  Saline sprays and wipes normally have preservatives to prevent mold and bacteria.  We're avoiding the use of those preservatives.  You may want to warm the wipe for a few seconds in the microwave before using it on your kiddo's face.  As wattage varies, please check the temperature of the warmed wipe before use.

What material should I use for the wipe?  You can use a baby washcloth, or a soft cloth cut to washcloth size.  I love flannel for this purpose.  Using old t-shirts would be a great way to upcycle.

What's the best way to wet the wipes?  This is a matter of preference, and mine is to put the mixture in a spray bottle, which is stored in the refrigerator.  I spray the wipe, hold it in my hand for a few seconds to warm it, and use.  Secondly, you can put the refrigerated mixture in a container like an old baby wipe tub.  But, this will require you to put your hand in that chilly water and wring out the wipe.  Lastly, you could wet and wring out the wipes and store the wet wipes in a tub in the fridge.  You may find this to be the most convenient.

These wipes are working well for my little ones.  They've had plenty of crust on their noses lately.  I am hopeful I'll soon be able to put this recipe away for a while.  Special thanks to my mom for her help with the photos.  Blessings!

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