Saturday, June 23, 2012

House Straightening Solution

I wish I were selling a self-cleaning house, but no such luck.  I have found a tool that makes straightening the house a lot easier.  If while cleaning, you tire of making many trips around your home, this is for you.

Here are your new best friends:  personal junk baskets.  They are placed in a high traffic area, and anyone straightening the house puts strewn items there.  Then, the basket is taken into the room where the junk can be unloaded.

I have been called a label junkie, yes, but this project needs labels.  They are personal baskets after all.  I needed to make some cute ones inexpensively.  The paper stock is the back of a colored index card.  I found packs of scrapbook style letters in the dollar bins at Wal-mart.  I gave them a "laminated" finish, by wrapping them in packing tape.  That's right, I'm cheap.

The baskets came from the Dollar Tree.  I like the look of them.  When my family is using them as we should, they function extremely well.  Even my four-year-old helps put items in.

I've wanted to make these baskets for a while, but another blogger beat me to the crafting punch.  I like the way she places them on the stairs.  Check out her post about the baskets and doggie-proofing the stairs at  Here's a pic of her work.  Blessings!

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